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Synthetic Carnauba is a hard, high melting point ester wax very similar to the monoester fraction of carnauba. This wax has extraordinary oil-gelling capabilities, and will gel certain silicone fluids at very low percentages. Synthetic Carnauba increases the softening point of sticks, suppresses migration of oils, and will improve the homogeneity of the stick.

Creams, Lotions, Sunscreens, Lipsticks, Lip Balms, Mascaras, Make-ups, Carbon Paper Coatings; Inks, Furniture and Car Polishes; Lacquers, Varnishes, Leather Finishes, Electrical Insulating Composition, Textiles, Mold Lubricants, Pill and Paper Glazing.

Synthetic Carnauba has excellent oil-gelling and oil-binding capabilities. A wide range of cosmetic oils are gelled with low concentrations of Synthetic Carnauba yielding high gel strengths.

INCI Name: Synthetic Carnauba CAS#: 136097-96-6
TSCA Listed: Synthetic Beeswax (Wax# 243) CAS#: 71243-51-1

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Synthetic Carnauba Specifications and Composition
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